Lightning fast content delivery meets smart web asset optimization

Lighter CDN uses smart algorithms to cut page load times, delight your visitors and improve search engine rankings — all without stressing your team.

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High asset loading time kills website performance

We’ve analyzed popular websites and calculated their performance after lightification:

Airbnb Netflix LinkedIn The Washington Post





First Contentful Paint

0.4 s
2.9 s

Speed Index

1.4 s
4.5 s

Largest Contentful Paint

1.9 s
3.7 s

Time to Interactive

1.1 s
80 ms

Total Blocking Time

80 ms

Page Load Time

Lighter has a cheat code:
Connect. Optimize. Display.

Any asset Assets illustration
Lighter CDN CDN illustration
Every visitor Visitor illustration
  1. Intelligently cache any web asset on Lighter multi-CDN.
  2. Automagically transform and compress in real-time.
  3. Render responsive markup with lightweight web components.

One source —
unlimited options

Lighter CDN adapts your content for any screen, browser and network connection, automatically.

Different devices

Smart media optimization

Original JPEG

Painting 359 KB 839 KB

Lighter WEBP

Painting 51.2 KB 103 KB

Lighter smart content-aware optimization and lossy compression algorithms shrink images, GIFs and videos up to 80% without compromising quality.

No input required.

Faster JS and CSS

Regular js bundle Optimized js bundle

Lighter CDN handles optimization, minification and compression of JS and CSS for you behind the scenes for the best web app performance.

No build steps required.

Truly responsive web assets on autopilot

Render visual content in-browser with a set of web components that are natively integrated with Lighter CDN.


Simple yet powerful responsive image display component. No DOM scanning overhead, browsers take care of everything. Lazy loading by default. Leave on autopilot or add some guidance: breakpoints, background, quality and more.

<lr-img breakpoints="400, 800, 1200"

Flexible replacement for <video/> with thumbnail previews, poster images and all the video player capabilities. Connects to Lighter CDN to serve video in proper format and size.

<lr-video autoplay="true"

Customizable gallery. With responsiveness. With or without: slideshow, lightbox, navigation, previews. Without hiccups, headache.

<lr-gallery autoscroll="true"
controls="false"> <lr-img src="kitten1.jpg"</lr-img>
<lr-img src="kitten2.jpg"></lr-img>
<lr-video src=""></lr-video>
lr-AR lr-360 lr-zoom lr-audio lr-docviewer

and more...

The Lighter content delivery network

CDN coverage map

Lighter combines top-tier CDN providers including Akamai and AWS Cloudfront to one network with a higher coverage and redundancy. With 325,000 points of presence you can deliver media anywhere as if it were cached next door.


Edge network capacity


TTFB, worldwide


Daily requests served

Works with 30+ frameworks

NextJS React Ember Vue Nuxt JavaScript TypeScript

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